We are a Czech company which believes that there is a way in the nature leading to health, life harmony and happiness. We believe that effective help without any chemicals can be available for everyone. This believe led us to research of Cannabis Sativa. After several years of research we have developed set of recipes which contain the best from cannabis and which are enriched by extracts from other herbs. That all is ready to help you and to your beloved ones.

“Empathy with the patient, empathy with the herb, empathy with the active substance.”

What is Cannasan®?

Cannasan® is a natural nutritional supplement with a patented recipe, which represents a unique combination of Cannabis Sativa, herbs and natural oils.

  • Cannabis Sativa contains natural substances – cannabidoids, which have proven positive effects on human body according to the recent researches
  • Herbs are used since ancient times in phytotherapy
  • Fiber has an impact on digestive system
  • Cannabis oil has inflammatory effect and supports a natural immunity of the organism