The uniqueness of Cannasan® rests in a combination of a cannabinoid complex (hemp-based substances which positively influence the human body) and herbs combined with plant-based oils and fibre. The preparation also includes hydrophilic and lipophilic substances.

We use a special process to obtain cannabinoids from hemp. Consequently, our products are not affected by the so called “bell effect” which is often associated with supplements containing cannabinoids.

What is the bell effect?

The bell effect, or more precisely the “bell curve effect”, describes a situation when an organism stops responding to a cannabinoid contained in a preparation – it becomes resistant. It mostly occurs when cannabinoids are taken individually, e.g. in CBD oil. Cannasan® contains a wide spectrum of cannabinoids; therefore, the bell effect does not occur. Thanks to the broad content of the cannabinoid spectrum, the body can make use of effects associated with several cannabinoids at the same time – for example CBD, CBG, CBN etc.

What is CBD, CBG, CBN?

These abbreviations stand for names of cannabinoids. Hemp includes more than 140 of them. There are both common positive effects on the human organisms and individual characteristics typical for the specific type. For instance, CBG responds better to inflammations, whereas CBD has relaxing effects. 

Cannasan® and hemp

Historically, phytotherapy (herbal medicine) had been proven already in the distant past. Hemp as well as other curative plants has been used for thousands of years. Chiefly those hemp varieties which contain high levels of THC have been used for medical treatment in humane medicine. THC is a psychoactive substance and its high quantities contained in plants have impact on patients’ psyche, consequently limiting the treatment per se.

Research shows that by reducing THC volumes to thousands per mile, any psychoactive effect is eliminated. On the contrary, such levels significantly stimulate the immune system. At the same time, the curative potential of substances contained in hemp remains unchanged (Enturage effect ).

By removing any psychoactive effects of the hemp preparation, it is possible to apply Cannasan® phythotherapy  also on patients who previously could not be provided with a hemp-based support treatment (e.g. drivers, policemen, firefighters, teachers, doctors etc.).

For the abovementioned reasons, we solely make use of certified hemp varieties with low volumes of THC in the dry matter (up to 0.2 % of THC).

By combining selected types of curative plants with substances contained in hemp, significant treatment effects helping with a wide array of illnesses has been achieved.

We also grow hemp on our private fields. By doing so, we can oversee the quality starting from seeding, all the way to harvesting.

Cannasan® is made of solely natural elements, without any artificial colours or preservatives. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

 What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are substances naturally present only in hemp. Human body is equipped with receptors which respond to these substances; together they constitute the Cannabinoid System. The receptors are present in organs, on the skin and in the brain – i.e. away from the areas which are responsible for the breathing and the cardiovascular functions. Consequently, cannabinoid-based preparations are not associated with any risk of breathing or circulation difficulties.

The so called endocannabinoids respond to the abovementioned system of receptors.  Our body can create them by itself or they can be replaced by substances from hemp.

What is fibre and why is it good for the human body?

Fibre is a natural element of human food present especially in fruits, vegetables and wholegrain products. Given its inability to dissolve, it cannot be digested by the human body and consequently serves as a natural intestinal brush. It can also ease difficulties associated with constipation which in turn is linked to other problems in the human body. Cannasan® contains finely grounded herbal fibre.